Texas Ballmoss


The prep of the dye material, 4 pounds of moss, soaked in water for about a month.  Used 3 mordants, alum sulfate, alum sulfate with cream of tarter and alum acetate on three 10 oz skeins. Had to use 4 buckets to ferment the moss.  Separated into batches for “stewing” with substrate.  After 1 month ferment, simmered dye material for an hour, added substrate, brought up to 180 degrees and held it for an hour at temp. Allowed to cool down overnight before rinsing with Orvis.  

Otherwise known as - Tillandsia Recurvata, Click here for more plant background information.

Resources used:

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  4. Firefox 2 by Eliot Wigginton, ISBN 0-385-02267-0 has been the only published reference I have found of moss used in the North Carolina area.